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Special Formulas Archives - Nuralife

This part of our website talks about the composition of our infant milk products.

We believe that breast-milk is the best food for infants, it provides the ideal balanced nutrition and protection for babies. When mothers and families, together with healthcare providers, decide that optimal breastfeeding is not possible, infant formula – the only breast-milk substitute recognized by the WHO – plays a vital role in providing essential nutrients to infants. By clicking on the "I understand" link below, you confirm your understanding that we are supplying this information about formulas for informational or educational purposes.
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Nuralac Anti-Regurgitation Formula (AR)

Nuralac AR is a pre-thickened formula used for dietary management of regurgitation for infants from birth onwards, supplemented with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals as well as adequate levels of DHA.

Nuralac Anti-Colic and GUT comfort formula.

Nuralac Comfort is a cow milk based infant formula with partially hydrolyzed protein, low lactose, and adequate levels of DHA. Scientifically designed to relieve GUT discomfort and reduce allergic manifestation for infants from birth onwards.

Nuralac Lacto-Free Formula.

Nuralac lactose free is a special formulation free of lactose for the dietary management of lactose intolerance for infants from birth onwards.

Nuralac Premature Formula

Nuralac Premature is a cow milk based special formula carefully designed with high quality protein and adequate levels of macro and micronutrients for the dietary management of premature and low birth weight infants.