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Advanced formulation

For your baby’s optimal growth and development our Nura range of products are scientifically designed with ‘Nura Complete’ nutrition system which gives the goodness of vital 27 nutrients to ensure healthy growth, supports immunity, gut comfort , healthy brain and eye development of your baby.

Enriched with the
Nura Complete Nutrition System
Optimized for all-round development and growth

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The only milk formula that’s

Always Ready Nuralac

anytime, anywhere!

Preparing formula safely and hygienically can be sometimes challenging, especially during awkward moments or on-the-go. Now, Nuralac Plus also comes in a ready–to-use liquid format, giving you the same quality and complete nutrition for your child with no hassle. All you have to do is pour — anytime, anywhere!

Nuralac Preservatives Free

How to use & store

  • Nuralac Temperature Icon
    How can I store the product?
    You can store it at room temperature not to exceed 25° C. [Do not consume if there is a packaging defect.]
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    For how long can I use this product after opening the bottle?
    After opening, you can use the formula up to two hours when kept at room temperature "outside the Refrigerator".
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    After opening can I store the product in the Refrigerator?And for how long?
    When opened, you can keep the product in the Refrigerator up to 24 hours. [DO NOT FREEZE]
  • Nuralac Microwave Icon
    Can I use the microwave to warm up the product?
    Do not use microwave.
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    How many bottles can my child consume per day?
    The recommended intake is 3 bottles per day. [Consult your child’s doctor.]